About Us

What Makes Us Different?

Fresh Yogurt, dispensed on site.

Other froyo companies simply dispense their product into cups and bring them already prepared in coolers to their events. What’s different about us at Weddings by Froyo, we pride ourselves on creating our yogurt on-site at your venue. By making our yogurt the day of your event, AT your event, and dispensing the mixture from our soft-serve machines, we preserve the creamy consistency, smooth texture, and delicious flavor of froyo that everyone has come to recognize and love.

We want to bring the feel of a frozen yogurt store to your wedding! At your wedding, we will provide a full-service catering experience. Our set-up includes a complete display with on-site machines, backdrop, a toppings bar with yogurts and toppings of your choice, and a froyoista to help you create that perfect cup of delicious froyo for you and your guests. When you choose to have us celebrate your special day with you, we will work with you to create a customized display that fits your wedding.  We are here to make your day memorably yours!

About Us

Who Are We?

My wife and I fell in love at Texas A&M University over many dates with cups of frozen yogurt and have since been happily married for 7 years. We now have a little boy who celebrated his first birthday in December 2018! When the opportunity presented itself a year ago to buy a local frozen yogurt store, we knew it was meant for us. Since owning the store, we have taken pride in seeing the joy and smile a delicious cup of yogurt can bring to someone’s face. We wanted to continue bringing this joy to the Houston area in the form of a unique wedding catering company. We bring the froyo shop experience to you! And so, the idea of Weddings by Froyo was created.

Together, we focus on maintaining strong Christian and moral values in not only our marriage and friendships, but in our businesses as well. We strive for this commitment to show in our superior level of customer service. In our spare time, we like to travel, remodel homes, cuddle our little munchkin, and eat frozen yogurt, of course!!

We look forward to swirling you on your wedding day! 😃

It’s awesome, you won’t regret it!

Kyle and Amber